Little God Blues

The breakup of his San Francisco rock band is a hard shove that has Jim Shalabon struggling to stay on his feet. What he needs is balance. What he gets is an earthquake. His best friend and former bandmate is found dead in a London alley. Unable to make sense of his friend’s supposed drug overdose, Jim goes to London and slips into an amateur detective role. With a style and technique that he makes up as he goes along, he works his way into the game, holding his own against dismissive British cops and society lights with secrets to hide. On the way to solving his case he learns more than he ever expected about his dead friend—and even more about himself.

Coming soon:

Black Widow Blues – Out Spring 2018

In this sequel Jim Shalabon travels to Mexico in search of Claudia Steyning, the one part of his London case still unresolved at the end of Little God Blues. The clues from the Mexico City apartment where Claudia was last seen are dire: a body, cocaine and dark hints of drugmen with guns. Jim attempts to probe the shore of this fetid swamp while staying out of range of its snapping gators. Certainly he is not going to venture into it. But Mexico with its passions, complications and corruption will not allow such a careful approach and soon numerous threads of the case threaten to drag him out into the black water.


Devil’s Divide – March 2017

The dystopia in this satirical novel is so close you can almost reach out and touch it. The world financial markets have melted. The US government is struggling to keep its shores secure and its people fed—and in one place. Against a background of dangerous highways, unpredictable characters and Wild West scenery Clay Holloway attempts a cross country bike odyssey to try to win back his estranged wife. Clay is a man who needs a mission and this is the only one that makes sense—until he hits the Great Plains and all bets are off.