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Jeffrey M Anderson


Los Suenos Blues Book Cover

Los Sueños Blues

Soon after Jim Shalabon relocates to LA there's a rapping on his back door. A blonde swims out of the glare. It's Victoria de la Torre the controversial and wildly popular actress. When Jim lets her in he can’t know that in three days she’ll be murdered and this visit may be the key to solving it. Jim becomes ensnared in a murder investigation that spirals out of control as he battles LA cops, crooked property developers, and a fifteen-year-old cold case of a missing housewife. And in between he struggles to jump start his flagging music career. 

“the characters…felt so raw and real.” “A must-read for any mystery lover.”

Match Made by Murder

In this free mystery a London writer encounters a fellow writer on his daily walks. Until she is murdered. Despite his best instincts, he has to know what happened. When his halting attempts at exploring the case bring him a new lover he becomes enmeshed in a murder investigation and a romantic one. Match Made by Murder is not for sale, but it is available for free by signing up to my mailing list.

The Novels of Jeffrey M Anderson

Jeffrey M Anderson specializes in satire, dry wit, engaging characters and page-turning plots. His mystery novels feature Jim Shalabon who one reviewer described as “a wry, incisive, curious, polymathic, nosy, self-deprecating American rocker-songwriter.” Not exactly the hardboiled PI, Jim is successful and happily ensconced with the Greek partner he met in his London case. Not that he doesn’t have his problems, especially the cases that have a way of finding him. Anderson also relies on his penchant for satire to write near-dystopian fiction—worlds so near they’re clearly recognizable. In addition to Devil’s Divide about an estranged husband riding a bike across a collapsed America to reunite with his wife, Anderson is currently working on another novel in the same vein.
Little God Blues Book CoverBlack Widow Blues Book CoverLos Suenos Blues Book CoverDevils Divide Book Cover

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