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Reader Praise for Black Widow Blues

“This is a book that begs you to pay attention to details, while also insisting that you get lost in this world. Beautiful, entertaining, and very thoughtfully written.”
“The glory of Jeffrey’s writing is the beauty of his prose. He is smart; his writing is smart.”
“The plot is super interesting, with a fast pace and lot of things going on, although it never feels “too much”. A real pleasure to read.”
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10th December 2018
Ten Tips for Better Writing

Since Jonathan Franzen took major flak for his recent list of 10 writer’s tips I thought I’d take a shot at it (and risk getting shot at): Keep a diary. You may put events, ideas and impressions in it if you must. Its main purpose, however, is to note every slight, snub, rejection, and bad […]

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1st November 2018
Tennis Match Trump v Boris Johnson

A Tennis Match for the Ages-- Trump vs. Boris Johnson   There have been many articles comparing the two big blond bruisers of international politics, Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. UK’s Independent newspaper goes even further in an article speculating, not very plausibly or seriously, that Mr. Trump could be Bojo’s father. Boris, you see, […]

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18th October 2018
On Grudge-bearing Crows

In recent news, a French theme park has trained a flock of crows to pick up litter. The indecently-named Puy du Fou (or is my high school French failing me?), a historical theme park, has rooked six cons—I mean conned six rooks—into beaking up litter and placing it in a box in return for a […]

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