Jeffrey M Anderson was born in San Francisco and grew up in the SF Bay Area. Since graduating from UC Santa Barbara in Economics and Russian he has divided his time between California and Europe.

Currently based in England, Jeffrey writes short stories and novels. As a writer Jeff’s passion has always been ideas—he reads widely in science, psychology, technology and other non-fiction fields—and how they connect to his characters. Early in his writing career this near- obsession with ideas tended to crowd out the story, making for dense and complicated novels not all that reader-friendly.

Recently, however, Jeffrey has turned mystery novels and has found that format a revelation. The forced discipline of keeping a plot line going and the natural succession of characters as the mystery unfolds acts as a natural brake on literary excesses. Little God Blues, his debut mystery novel, certainly has its share of ideas—including the theory of little god himself—but now the garden has been trimmed back and the paths wide and visible.

Jeffrey lives in North London with his wife and guitar.
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